Message for non-Latvian mammies

Today I received heartwarming letter from a mammy in Estonia, who wrote, that she has looked through our wonderful web-store and is very sad, that there is nothing of a kind available in Estonia. As we strongly believe, that children – be they Latvian, Russian, Estonian, American or Indian – all deserve the same attitude and care worldwide and that ideas about their development are universal and true everywhere, we will be happy to offer everything we have in our shop also for any willing mum outside Latvia. So, please, do not hesitate to ask and we will figure out how to send items you want to buy – there is still national postal service, DHL, EMS, TNT and all other available services, that can deliver beautiful things to you. 

We believe, that some day, when Robin – our son – will get a bit more older and spend a little bit more time on his own, we will have some few free moments to translate our website in English and make it also available for you. But meanwhile, please, use the friendly help of Google Translator, which – if not give you perfect translation in the language you understand, will at least help you to get the idea, what we are talking about.

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